Pick a Lane

Feb 23, 2016 by Reen Rose

Pick a lane is an expression I have heard many times. I know what it means, but I have only recently really begun to UNDERSTAND what it means and recognize what an important concept it is. I can hear Keith Urban shouting ‘Pick a lane!' in my head as I type. I think I’ve watched too much American Idol.

If you are changing from one lane to another you are concentrating on just that, changing lanes rather than concentrating on the journey you have embarked on. I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs and business owners that are struggling to pick a lane, or choose an area of expertise or product type to concentrate on. Is it really an important thing to do?

This is where I find myself. Do I want to concentrate on personal growth, corporate culture, or the field of education? Which will be the best choice? How do I decide? Maybe I should do them all. This indecision has frozen my ability to move forward, much less go full steam ahead. I am like a broken down car pulled off to the side of the road.

As I have pondered lanes in my life I realize that it doesn’t matter what lane I choose, I can make any lane work, but I need to pick one so I can begin to concentrate on that one path.

Why is it important to choose a lane and stick with it? Because success requires a great deal of focus.

1. Focus improves your productivity

You are more efficient doing the same thing over and over than you are multitasking and switching from one task or lane to another. Successful people don’t dabble in many things, especially when they first get started. They aren’t great at everything; they are really, really good at one or two things and work continuously to get even better.

2. Focus helps you make decisions

Whoever tried to brainwash us into thinking that we should be master multi-taskers did the world a huge disservice. Jumping from one direction to another sucks up a lot of time and energy.

Without focus you will find yourself concentrating on things that aren’t furthering your cause. Knowing what you are aiming for clarifies your thoughts and helps you make choices that will get you farther down your chosen path.

3. Focus helps you complete high quality work in the shortest amount of time

Motivational speaker and successful author, Brendon Burchard, says that people are amazed at how little time he actually spends working. It isn’t because he doesn’t do much or that his products are less than stellar, it is because he blocks time for specific projects and tasks and then works on them single mindedly until they are complete. He is a perfect example of producing top quality work without wasting time. This is possible because he can discipline himself to focus.

If you want to be successful, pick a lane and then focus only on the things that will help you travel on that road. Learn to ignore anything that isn’t going to help you further your progress towards the goal you have chosen. Know who you are and what you do and become the best you can be at whatever that is.

This doesn’t mean that once you have mastered being in a particular lane that you can’t turn on your signal light and pull into a different one. But remember when you do, stay in that lane and focus on your new goals until you have attained success.