Pay It Forward Friday

May 22, 2015 by Reen Rose

Have you ever struggled with deciding who to invite to a personal event like a birthday party, especially if it is for an elementary school aged child? Do you invite everyone who has invited you or your child to their celebration, or do you simply ask those people that you feel moved to invite?

When I was growing up, you always invited people to your party if they had invited you which sometimes meant including people you rarely spent time with and might not even have liked very much. My mother was very strict about these sorts of things.

As a cynical mother, I sometimes suspected parents of having huge parties for their children just to ensure that their child never felt left out when the party invitations were being passed around. ‘If I invite you to my party then you will invite me to yours?’ seemed to be the rule of the times.

I love the change in philosophy that has come along with the idea of paying it forward. Rather than paying the compliment or kindness back to the person who had been good to you, you pay it forward to a totally different person who you feel needs that little burst of kindness.

Paying it forward is a fabulous example of the ripple effect. As you do something nice for another person and then they pay that kindness forward to a different person, your small act has created a positive experience for many others, not just for you and one other person. Often we don’t worry about paying a specific kindness forward, we simply see an opportunity to help someone out and know that we have benefited from these small acts of kindness in the past and recognize what a difference they have made to our day.

I am going to make my Friday blog into a ‘pay it forward’ moment and share with you some of the amazing people and businesses that I have had the pleasure of meeting, hearing about, or working with.