5 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

Apr 11, 2016 by Reen Rose

When I talk about having a bad day, I am not talking about times of catastrophe. If you suffer a catastrophe that only affects you for one day, you are truly blessed. I am talking about those days that we all experience, when from the minute we roll out of bed, whatever can go wrong - does.

Not every bad day can be transformed into a great day, although that is possible. Sometimes we just need to minimize the damage and wait patiently for the day to end. Surely a new day will bring us something better. Thankfully, it often does.

Here are 5 ways you can help your day improve.

1. Commit a random act of kindness

Do something nice for someone else just because you can. Studies have found this is one of the quickest ways to get a lasting boost of positivity; something that is in short supply on a bad day.

2. Smile

Even if you feel you have no reason to smile, put as big a smile on your face as your muscles will allow. A study carried out by Kraft and Pressman at the University of Kansas showed that smiling, regardless of whether it is genuine or fake will help you recover from stress more quickly. Your facial expressions also send messages to your brain. If you smile the message sent tells the brain to feel good.

3. Know in your heart that something good will come from the day

You may not recognize it immediately, but if you take time to reflect on your day there is usually some lesson or comfort you can take from it. You may simply learn to appreciate the good days by remembering how difficult the bad days are. Finding some purpose for the day will help you let go of the negative feelings you’ve stored up.

4. Go for a walk in nature

A change of scenery is a great way to break the cycle of a bad day, but research shows that walking in nature promotes both physical and mental health. It can lower your stress, boost your mood and improve your short-term memory. Reading that last benefit makes me chuckle. Improving my short-term memory on a bad day doesn’t really sound like a blessing, but I’m willing to go with it.

5. Stop telling yourself that you are having a bad day

The brain works very hard to prove whatever you think is true, so if you keep saying that you are having a terrible day it will work tirelessly to find evidence to support this. Instead tell yourself that your day has had some challenges but is getting better. Don’t be afraid to voice this out loud. You may be surprised how quickly your brain helps to prove your statement true.

We all have bad days but remember that every day comes to an end. Set intentions for a better day tomorrow before you go to sleep that night and then re-state your intentions when you get up the next day. Approach difficult times with the right attitude and be grateful for the good ones.