Teach your children to be robustly happpy, by becoming a happiness model.

When asked what they want most for their children, most parents say, 'I just want them to be happy!'

This is a good goal as research shows that happy people are more successful, healthier, more productive, live longer, and have better home lives.

You may not think your children are listening to you, and maybe they aren't, but rest assured that they are watching you. So many of the ways I do things in my life are done the way my mother did them. 

Your children are copying the way you live your life. Are they copying behaviors that you want them to adopt?

Modelling happiness is about adults learning how to live robustly happy lives, so their children copy these life transforming behaviors. 

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Join her mission to boost the happiness and success of the world, one adult, one child, one family at a time.