Reen is a positive psychology and success specialist who delivers dynamic presentations that inform, entertain, challenge and inspire.

Drawing on real life experiences, she encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and try something different, whether it is a new skill or an innovative way of looking at a situation.

She customizes her presentations to highlight the theme of each event and suit individual audiences. Reen’s unique ability to connect with her audience ensures that they walk away feeling more knowledgeable and inspired.

Her goal is to leave each participant with strategies they can put into action the minute the presentation is over.



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“The first time I saw Reen Rose speak, I was mesmerized by her quick wit and humour as she gracefully held the attention of every set of eyes and ears in the room. Her clear ability to deliver her message in a way that gets people excited and wanting more is one of Reen’s greatest strengths as a professional trainer and speaker.  Reen is entertaining, engaging, informative and funny, and I look forward to hearing her speak or attending one of her workshops again in the near future.”

            Jenn KylloFounder and President BABES in Business

"Reen’s positivity on stage is contagious. In a high-stress environment it is important to remember what’s most important: happiness, meaning and fulfilment!"

Amanda Goldman-Petri, Market Like A Nerd

"Reen is an amazing speaker.  She is the best M.C. I have seen. She has a very unique ability to entertain, educate, inspire, and lead an event with grace and ease. It is a gift."

Julie Hoffman, Street Smart Diva

All of Reen's presentations can be delivered as keynote addresses, or expanded into break-out sessions.


Modelling Happiness

Children learn by modelling the behavior of their parents, teachers, and other significant adults in their lives. Are the copying behaviors that will lead them to become robustly happy?

Topics include:

  • The 8 precepts of robust happiness
  • The science behind the precepts
  • Strategies to become more robustly happy 
  • Strategies to help children become more robustly happy
  • What relevant evidence based research has discovered about happiness


A Mind, Set for Success

What you believe about yourself decides much of what happens in your life. Your mindset guides your life and is the lense you use to view the events that you experience. The good news is that you can change your mindset if you don't like the one you presently have.

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • Fixed and growth mindsets
  • Changing the way you view failure
  • Ways to develop a mindset that encourages happiness and success
  • Mindset and school achievment
  • Taking your first steps to a new mindset
  • Giving praise that encourages a successful mindset

Learn to unleash your potential and the potential of your children, students and team by developing a mind, set for success.


Let Happiness Work for You

Do you love your job? Do you love it so much that you would want to go to work, even if you didn't get paid?

If you need to find ways to increase your happiness, and satisfaction at work, then this is the presentation for you.


  • Links that evidence based research has found between happiness and work
  • Whether you view work as a job, career, or calling, and how that impacts your satisfaction
  • The Secrets to being happy at work
  • Small changes that can make a big difference to how happy you feel at work
  • How to motivate yourself, and others
  • If it is time to find a new job, or if you can learn to love the job you're with


The Happiness Connection

Positive psychologists have uncovered a strong connection between happiness and productivity, success, health and longevity of life. Their findings are intriguing and well worth considering if you are looking at personal or professional development.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • The happiness equation
  • The purpose of negative emotions
  • Why we should care about being happy and encouraging others to also be happy
  • Why we can never be endlessly euphoric
  • The happiness umbrella
  • Simple strategies to boost your happiness

Changing you attitudes and behaviours will require determination and practice, but the journey you begin with the Happiness Connection, may well be the most rewarding one you ever take.

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"Reen Rose is a speaker extraordinaire! Reen holds guests captive from her first words of welcome to her closing summary. 

Kelowna Women in Business has had fortunate to have Reen as a guest speaker for multiple events. For each presentation Reen engaged the audience with her welcoming and easy style. Reen interjects humour and personal experience to build understanding and connection with all participates. Reen is well versed and very knowledgeable in her material, never missing a beat. Reen has also acted us a MC which is another area of expertise many may not be familiar with; she is witty and charming.

Personally I have attended several other events which have featured Reen as a guest speaker. I have always come away with something new and a deeper appreciation of her abilities.

I have recommended Reen as a speaker to businesses and other organizations such as Penticton Women in Business and Vernon Women in Business. I will continue to do so in the future."

Patricia Chandler, President Kelowna Women in Business


"Reen Rose is a fantastic speaker with such an important message for corporate teams and business people. Remembering to focus on the happiness and mindset is so important in today’s hectic, results-oriented world. Funny, engaging, brilliant!"

Mary Ottman

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"Entertaining and informative. Connect with your inner happiness and take your corporation to another level. Happy employees mean a fruitful business. Let Reen show you how to expedite your happiness curve and boost your business."

Laurie Foster, The Mojo Mama